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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ACLJ Intervenes In ACLU Vs. NSA

The ACLJ filed an amicus brief with a federal appeals court supporting the federal government's request to overturn a lower court decision that declared a key terrorism surveillance program of the National Security Agency (NSA) unconstitutional. They make quite a well put together argument. Please share with your readers.

The brief argues that the courts should not be involved in this aspect of the war: "Since hostilities began, United States agencies and armed forces have been seeking to identify, capture, or kill members of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization and their supporters," the brief argues. "How to do so involves political decisions which implicate both the national security and foreign policies of the United States, execution of which rightly resides in the political branches. The Judiciary is ill-equipped to determine the possible impact of such decisions on the wartime foreign and national security policies of the Nation and should be wary of entering the realm of discretionary decision-making reserved to the President. The district court in this case failed to respect the enumerated and inherent powers of a coordinate branch of government and thereby unconstitutionally violated separation of powers." (click title to read more)


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