The ACLU (Satan's Army) is hell-bent on removing the Christian God from American society in the name of other's rights not to see, hear or speak of it. They are the tool of the New World Order, a bunch of shark lawyers who's founder was a communist. Like true con artists they do a good deed now and then while planning many evils. BEWARE the wolf in shark's clothing...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dems Kill Child Custody Protection Act Like They Do Human Beings!

Child Custody Protection Act Blocked! Democrat Senator Dick Durbin (IL) and his liberal allies - INCLUDING THE ACLU - have blocked the Child Custody Protection Act from going to a joint House/Senate conference committee. These haters of true freedom hate the fact that children who get pregnant have parents to look after them. They want to do it and make sure that child gets every chance to kill the human being in her womb. Parents don't need to know! Isn't it just like Demobrats and the sharks at the ACLU to throw fits until they get their unholy way...


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