The ACLU (Satan's Army) is hell-bent on removing the Christian God from American society in the name of other's rights not to see, hear or speak of it. They are the tool of the New World Order, a bunch of shark lawyers who's founder was a communist. Like true con artists they do a good deed now and then while planning many evils. BEWARE the wolf in shark's clothing...

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Your Child IS Being Mentally Molested!

Today, the words “virtue” and “morality” brings condemnation and charges of being “old-fashioned" from those intent on destroying America's moral fiber. Why has American society gone from plain brown wrappers to live, living color in the world of sexual perversion? Well, because what once was considered "taboo behavior" is now accepted and encouraged by a minority of anti-Americans. The motive, as always is MONEY as well as a much more sinister motive - to destroy the American culture as we have known it to be since it's inception. What better way to accomplish this than to molest the minds of children and young people with pornography? Sexual perversion is "freedom of speech" say the secularists and non-Christian activists and those selling the trash. Of course they don't use the word perversion - they promote it as FREEDOM and CIVIL RIGHTS.

Pornography is at the heart of sexual perversion. It takes a strong person to ignore the temptations of sex, pornography and seeking to satisfy the curiosity of perverted unknowns. Widely accepted and encouraged behavior such as this leads to low self esteem, drugs, alcoholism, aids and other venereal diseases, unwanted pregnancies and the murder of human beings through abortions - 1,500.000 every 365 days in America and of course suicide and death in many other horrible ways. Why would any society WANT this for their citizens? Control, money and power over the masses.

The far left, secularists, communists, atheists, and special interest groups (NAMBLA, ACLU, FENINISTS, PLANNED PARENTHOOD, etc.) are pushing hard for the US Supreme Court to take away what rights parents have regarding their children. They need this to happen for their agenda to work. Today, the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in a case that will determine whether parents can be notified when their children are having an abortion. I never thought I'd see the day when the government's henchmen and women (vile special interest groups) would force such atrocities upon American society.

If the Court overturns this parental consent law, it will undermine the rights of parents and further establish abortion as an unimpeachable constitutional right. With that, the enemy of the unborn will have won. Pornography will flourish. Colleges, schools and any other government run entity will abound in sexual perversions and history books will be changed to reflect how wrong decency was and glorify perversion - all in the name of "freedom of speech - which is a cop out for the old 60's movement mantra - if it feels good, do it. The agenda of this communist enemy is to steal the minds of our children, remove our God and take over our society - for the profit of secularists, atheists and those individuals intent on destroying America.

Until the Christian majority lets their collective voices be heard in the halls of congress the above perversion will remain and grow as the law of the land. Why aren't the 85% who profess to be Christians letting their demands be heard? What is needed? A revolution perhaps? Just because the enemy of America is mostly lawyers and anti-American protestors doesn't mean the Christian majority can't fight and win this battle. Be an activist for Christian rights. Call your politicians at every level. Vote OUT those who are against American values and Christian morals. Don't let the enemy of America win hands down - ACT.

Oh, and don't forget to display Christmas trees, nativity sets and sing Christmas carols day and night. Involve your children in wholesome activities and watch where they go and who they pal around with - day and night! Take away the dirty movies, CDs, videos and tell them WHY. Of course, I would expect any parent who values their child's mind has already taken them out of public schools to home teach them. Children ARE NOT learning what we did even 10 years ago. Sex, politically correct crap and revisionist history is what they are getting plus how to get an abortion, how to be gay or lesbian, how to keep things from parents and what rotten guys America's founding fathers were.

Wake up America. The end is near if we don't stop the enemy now. If you doubt what I say, look around, spend a day in the halls of your child's school or college - IF you're allowed. Go to the local mall and watch them. Listen to your kids music, check his email and the sites visited. You may want to get rid of that computer, TV and have a time for them to be in the house at night. Check for drugs, alcohol, pornography in their rooms, dorms, lockers, backpacks. Or, just listen to the secularists, atheists, planned parenthood, ACLU and others. Yes, it's easier on you to do that. But know this - your child IS being molested, mentally and who knows, maybe even physically and they don't even know it's wrong as they are taught it's ok. They have nothing to compare their life with and if you aren't there to call the shots, the enemy is and will. God help our children.


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