The ACLU (Satan's Army) is hell-bent on removing the Christian God from American society in the name of other's rights not to see, hear or speak of it. They are the tool of the New World Order, a bunch of shark lawyers who's founder was a communist. Like true con artists they do a good deed now and then while planning many evils. BEWARE the wolf in shark's clothing...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

ACLU Sues to Get Their Way: Spoiled Bunch of Sharks!

When the ACLU wants Montana to jump to its tune, they sue! The ACLU watches and waits and if the people don't voluntarily pay for whatever it is the ACLU wants done and the ACLU isn't busy suing the state over another matter, the ACLU will sue to get their way and they usually win. Everyone wants more money and the ACLU is good at winning it being that the courts are just full of liberal judges. What am I talking about?


Methamphetamine offenders crowd the jails. Now, it's their choosing to use the dope but the ACLU says it's taxpayers who must pay to house, cloth, feed and medicate them - comfortably - because of course, it's not their fault they got hooked and that they can't stop.

Read story here.

Sometimes one has to wonder - just who is running Montana: Scott Crichton, executive director of the Montana ACLU in Helena or elected officials? Money buys the ACLU and if they don't get their way, they sue. Non elected, self appointed fixers, I call them. They are everywhere. Socialist lawyers, suing up a storm, nationwide. Last year the ACLU in Montana was engrossed in another lawsuit to assure indigent criminal defendants have proper legal representation. Aren't they swell? I guess some officials call them up when they need money from the people, knowing they will most likely get it.

Folks, there HAS to be a better way! Montana doesn't need to be run by the ACLU sharks! I'd sure like a shot at discovering just what that WAY is...


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