The ACLU (Satan's Army) is hell-bent on removing the Christian God from American society in the name of other's rights not to see, hear or speak of it. They are the tool of the New World Order, a bunch of shark lawyers who's founder was a communist. Like true con artists they do a good deed now and then while planning many evils. BEWARE the wolf in shark's clothing...

Saturday, August 27, 2005

ACLU Spies On Minutemen.

Wonder if they will smoke pot together this time...

Watching the watchers will be the American Civil Liberties Union, which held the first of several planned trainings for volunteers in an Albuquerque church hall without air-conditioning Wednesday night.

Organizer Ray Ybarra, who spent the month of April observing the Minutemen near Douglas, Ariz., contends the Minutemen are racist vigilantes. The ACLU's observers will head to the border to "make a political statement that we don't agree with the hunting of human beings," he said.

Ybarra said he sees Richardson's announcement as an example of the Minutemen's success in "mainstreaming fear and hatred of immigrants."


City adopts resolution to keep Minutemen out:

Stepping into the border fray over the Minutemen, the El Paso City Council adopted a resolution inviting them to stay out of town. East-Central city Rep. José Alexandro Lozano cast the sole vote against the measure, saying he has spent time with them in Arizona.

"If the law allows them to do their thing, let it be," Lozano said. "We should totally find a way of closing our borders, not only for the sake of illegal immigration, but also for the sake of lives."

May all immigrants end up in El Paso


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